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Pickup in Austin, TX

Sorry, we CANNOT ship this item.

Once your payment is confirmed we will contact you to arrange a pick up time.

VersaHorse Prototype

This is our prototype VersaHorse and is for sale - but you must buy the entire package (see list below), and you must pick it up at our home in the Austin, TX area. Sorry but we are unable to ship.

  • VersaHorse Base
  • Stock
  • Pegasus Bench
  • Pillory
  • VersaHorse Carry Bag
  • Pegasus Bench Carry Bag

For details see the main VersaHorse page and the VersaHorse gallery.

The carrying bags were never offered for sale, but this offer includes bags for the VersaHorse Base and the Pegasus Bench as pictured below. They are made of heavy fabric and strong luggage straps. With the carrying bags the VersaHorse is reasonably portable - it is heavy but the strap goes over the shoulder and can be carried by a reasonably fit person.

Note there are no bags for the Stock or Pillory attachment.

VersaHorse side view


VersaHorse Stock attachment


VersaHorse Pegasus Bench attachment

Pegasus Bench

VersaHorse Pillory attachment


VersaHorse Carrying Bag

VersaHorse Carry Bag

Pegasus Bench Carrying Bag

Pegasus Bench Carry Bag

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